About The BAC Calculator App

The BAC alcohol calculator is an interactive mobile app for plotting the blood alcohol level on a time scale. You may measure your current blood alcohol level and estimate your levels as you consume alcohol throughout the evening.

The BAC alcohol calculator comes with 30 predefined popular drinks, such as:
  • Beer – pale ale, dark, stout, etc.
  • Wine – white, red, port, etc.
  • Liquor – bourbon, scotch, tequillia, etc.
  • Mixed drinks – Pina Colada, Sex on the Beach, Tequilla Sunrise, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, etc.
Features include:
  • Calling a local taxi service when you’ve determined enough is enough.
  • Tracking and measuring your blood alcohol content.
  • Editing the size and alcohol content of your favorite drinks.
  • Share your BAC graph on your Facebook wall with a single tap.
Next version will include these additional features:
  • Tracking and measuring up to four friends blood alcohol content.
  • Saving party sessions and archiving past events.
  • Display party history in graph format